Tests and amazement

As I read the bible I’m amazed at the drama and amazing and awesome stories that are written. It’s comforting to know that even then they had their drama, stumblings, and life challenges. I watched the story of Ruth this evening. How inspiring it is. Even in the face of so much hatred and sadness she never gave up on God. She fully believed and in return he gave her Boaz. And they prospered. She came from evil and worshiping false idols. And took that leap that we are all sometimes called to take. The leap of faith and trust in God that his plans for us are just that. And we need to trust and follow at all costs. Of we stand tall and brave he will stand tall and brave with us. Sometimes even hold us up.

This week has been super hard for me. I overpaid a bill, ran out of fuel to heat my home and discovered that yet again I do not mean as much to another person as they lead me to believe. But instead of letting it drag me down. I gave it to God and trusted that he would provide a way out of the mess. A way off of the meds and a way into the light. I write this in the midst of withdrawals and clarity at the same time. At my weakest moment I dropped to my knees and prayed that God would take it and help me make it through this. I’m exhausted emotionally and physically. But I’m not dizzy and I’m not crying. He held me and had helped me through this day.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to let go and give you my burdens. For giving me the knowledge of your everlasting love. Thank you Lord for giving me the most amazing family and support system that I could possibly have during this Trying time.
In Jesus’ name I pray Amen
~* ❤ *~


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