Sometimes I feel that it’s always something that needs to be done, paid, or whatever. Good News first….My Daughter  is having a boy. 🙂 first one in my small family.  we have all girls.  I’m excited for her.  Now bad news.  She is back in the hospital.  This time with her other kidney.  I can’t help but wonder if this is from her diabetes.  And I worry about the consequences after the baby is born.  I can only give my worries to God and let him have control of the situation. It’s not something that I can change, or even something that I can control.  SO I’m letting it go.

Looking for an apartment is hard. I looked at some yesterday…pretty expensive for the size of the rooms.  Very SMALL! O.O yikes, with two small girls I need some running room. So the search continues. I have a few other places to look at. Anyway I’d better get going back to work.

Church tonight Women’s Enrichment.  Lord knows I need it tonight ❤



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