Proverbs 31


Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31 has been on my mind for a about a week now.  A Co-Worker shared a youtube video that really touched me.  It Just reached out and OMG Grabbed me right in the heart.  That woman said everything I was feeling.  What I had done in my past, how wrong it was, and why I ended up with what I did.  Now I know that I need to wait and that God will bring the right person to me when its time.  Or even not at all, but Jesus should be enough. I need to look at my faith and expand that. I am in such a wonderful place now.  ITs amazing a couple of months ago I was in bed not willing to get out. Crying continuously.  My heart broken and tossed aside.  Id also like to share the youbube video with everyone.


I also went to a class today to learn how to study the bible.  It was so very informative, and inspirational . I will be starting 10 min at a time 3 x a day I think…not quite sure. I think I will look for a reading plan in Youversion.

~*<3*~  God Bless and Good Night ~*<3*~



One thought on “Proverbs 31

  1. I love this video too! My friend shared it with me a couple of years ago and she does hit home with what it is like to be single and waiting! Love it!

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