Needing the Weekend

Well we have finally made Progress in my daughters health.  Between and OB, Endocrinologist, and a urologist  it took an internist to decide that she has a kidney infection.  And a very bad one at that.  I am so frustrated with her doctor that I could cry. I have prayed that he will open his eyes and ears and hear her pain and try to figure it out. But I guess his knowledge only goes so far, I’m


glad that he finally admitted that and is considering Moving her care to a higher level.  She is  what her Endo (short for endocrinologist) calls a Brittle Type 1 Diabetic.  She has been diabetic since 14.  She is now 18 and 24 weeks pregnant.  Her kidneys are constantly giving her problems. All I know is that I want my child to be taken care of, figure out what is wrong with her and fix it to the best of their abilities to keep her comfy and ALIVE! and Please Lord do not let them cause permanent and possibly life threatening damage to her kidneys.  Anyway the two little ones are in my bed playing around so IM off to bed.

~*<3*~ God Bless ~*<3*~


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