I have to admit to judging someone. I apologized later but the words were already said both ways. This person isn’t someone I was close to but none the less I should not gotten as angry with her as I did. I was defending my oldest child and my claws came out. I controlled them for the most part but still I shouldn’t have even said anything. I guess. Sometimes it’s hard to step away from being that fierce parent and just Letting God handle things. What is sad is that even as I was defending her and I was trying to not attack not judge her I did and it felt wrong.
Funny how I am starting to recognize certain behaviors in myself. I am starting to catch them before I jump into action and I am also thinking before doing most things.
Anyway I just needed to vent and confess that. Have an amazing Sunday
~*<3*~ God Bless


4 thoughts on “Trials

    • No unfortunately they can’t anymore than words can either. I do feel bad and did apologize to her and admitted my mistake. All I can do is be humble enough to see what I did, admit it, and apologize for it.

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