Thoughts on a failed Marriage

I watched a movie tonight that I have watched before. Towards the end of my marriage. Fireproof. If you are thinking of getting married or having a rough go at it. Watch this movie. It will show you what God can do in a marriage.

While watching this movie I have to wonder to myself. Did I really do everything I could do to save my Marriage? Now that I am reading Gods words I know part of the reason my marriage failed. Because he wasn’t at the center of it. If I had trusted God then the way I do now. Maybe I would still have a happy marriage. If I had just prayed for my husband instead of fight with him.

I know I can’t live my life in what ifs. And I won’t do that to myself. But there is that small voice saying I didn’t and maybe it could still be saved even after a year. And then I remember it all. The good the bad and the very very ugly. And I remember the last day in that house praying so hard that God would protect us. And my husband never woke up. Even though I was not very quiet. I was so scared. So afraid of the confrontation. Now I do not live In Fear or jump at the slightest sound or live my life on eggshells. Anyway. Just processing I guess.
Good night and God Bless ~*<3*~


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a failed Marriage

  1. Our failed marriages result from lives where Christ is not at the center and self is on the Throne. But it also happens to many faithful Christians because, while it takes two to make a marriage, it only takes one to make a divorce.
    We have imbibed the world’s re-definition of love.
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Love does not keep the marriage. The marriage keeps the love.”

  2. Honey, do you know what the greatest gift you can give yourself? Acceptance of what is. The past is the past. I have a friend who lost her daughter in a car accident. She was at a light and a car came and T-boned her and instantly her 26 year old beautiful daughter was taken from her. Now she could be saying to herself, if only my daughter would have stopped at the bathroom and put on lipstick or staed at the restaurant a little longer and ordered another appetizer whatever she wouldn’t have been at the light and the car wouldn’t had hit her and taken her life. Woulda Coulda Shoulda! That is what you are doing. You are tormenting yourself and all you are doing is what?? Making the situation better? The past is gone, you marriage is over, my dear friends daughter is gone and we look forward…that is where your focus is now sweetie!

  3. Thanks Yeah I get that. Im trying to focus upwards and forwards and not in the past. I also don’t want to make the same mistakes that I keep repeating 😦 Although I believe my faith will Help keep me from making those mistakes again.

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