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20130407-222320.jpgI did it. I took the plunge and joined a church. My choice and one I am so looking forward too. I am excited about life and this church fulfills my thirst to learn about God! I am serving in children’s ministry ( I get to play and love on 1 year olds who doesn’t love to play!?!) I Love it! I’m also thinking of other serving opportunities as well.

I just feel good about this. I remember the first time I saw a billboard for their church. It was Jesus’ hand with a nail in it from being hung on the cross. I don’t remember the words at the moment. But the feeling that Jesus LOVES everyone no matter how many tattoos or piercings you have he loves you. And you know what? He does love me!!!

One of the pastors showed a clip from a national geographic show and man I’m telling you. I thought I was going to see something bad. It was a heard of water buffalo and lions. Yup. You guessed it the lions had a calf. But you know what. Something amazing happened. Instead of the water buffalo giving the calf up. They fought they pushed the lions back and reclaimed their calf and chased the lions away!!!!! How amazing. They all pulled together and stood up. I know as a single person I can help and I can give, and I can work. But I also know that in a “heard” or ” community” I can accomplish more and I am so looking forward to Serving God and spreading his word and Grown my Roots down and my branches up and out!!

Ok so I’ve written a book yet again. And now I’m off to bed. Have an amazing Monday and God. bless you All.


15 thoughts on “Just a quick post

    • Thank you! Yes I feel his tugging me in certain directions. Ideas planting in my head. Im working towards those. I am serving in my church and am looking for other was to serve as well. Im also looking at going back to school 🙂 Exciting future. Im only in the baby stages (hehe) and am trying to learn to list and give my life 100% over to him.

      • You’re going to be fine, Christina. You’re firmly in the right direction. Especially being active in the church where you have a chance to service and fellowship with other believers. Most important that you be there.

        God is working in your life. Be patient and wait on Him. You’ll never regret it..

        Stop back anytime. Especially if you need to just talk. I’ll be here for you.

        God bless you!

      • I’ve felt the need to work with abused/neglected/abandoned children for a long time. Not sure in what way but I feel lately it’s more in the counseling area. I have always felt the deep need to help others.

      • That is a very notable field and there is much need in that field. I think you’d be a blessing to these children. There is so many of these children out there. I hope you do and can make a world’s different to the children you touch. God will guide you and bless you along the way.

      • Yes I can relate to them. Having been through all of them myself. I know how lonely that life can be. I want to go to a Christian collage though and have a slant of Christianity in the practice.

      • Ah! I see. I think you are on to something, Christina. There are so many children in need of you. And, giving them a chance to hear the Word of God adds a wondrous “slant” to what you are endeavoring to do. I wish you all the best and I know if you are planning to do this for God he will bless you abundantly. God says “bring the little children unto Me.” You will be that one special vehicle in which they can be brought.
        A wonderful idea and plan.

  1. Christina, God works in such mysterious ways. Yesterday you were telling me about your career choice and today I came across something that hit me immediately concerning you. I want to pass it along to you. I hope it will become an inspiration to you and countless others.

    Orphans have an insecurity that I don’t think they every really shake. They’re constantly looking for a father figure to fill that vacancy in their hearts. During the Second World War there was an orphanage in Europe where the children were happy and well adjusted, while the children in other orphanages were tormented. The U.S. government sent an inspection team to find out what made this orphanage different. They found a grandmother and grandfather who had taken in all these children. At night they would roll up one slice of bread and put it in the hand of each child. They put them to bed with a good night kiss and told them that everything would be all right tomorrow. Clutching that piece of bread, reassured that they were loved and cared for, those children could sleep through the bombs falling, while children in the other orphanages cried and screamed day and night.

    That is a metaphor for our lives. God the Father has taken this loaf of bread and placed it in your hand, and He said, “I will be your burden bearer. I will provide every crumb of bread you need to eat. Everything you ever thought you would have need of, I will give it to you. I am the God of all hope. I want you to look to tomorrow with optimism. If people are running you out of town, get in from of the group and make it look like a parade, because you’re my child. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, because I’m you father. You’re not a spiritual orphan.

    I trust this, in some small way, is inspiration to you to obtain your goal and God’s plan for you.
    May theGod of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you always.

    • OH That just brought tears to my eyes!!!! What an amazing story. And Yes the abandoned are never truly abandoned because they all have God! And he loves them All!!! Thank you so very much for sharing. 🙂 God Bless YOU!

      • You are so very welcome. it was my pleasure. Once I saw it I instantly thought of you and getting it to you right away.

        You are so right – people thought to be abandoned are never truly abandoned at all. God is ever watching over them, seeing to their every need. And, He brings those, as yourself, into their lives to comfort and bring assuredness that they are truly loved.

        My hat-comes-off to you and those like you who are of the same caliber, Christina. You truly define what is God’s work.

        May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you and may He continually walk by your side. Have a truly blessed day.

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