Jesus Walked

This weeks sermon opened my eyes to so many things that I “could” be doing. Jesus walked. He covered ground he got into the trenches and loved on some broken people.

Our Pastor gave us homework this week. Go on a prayer walk. Look around and see the broken and lonely

20130422-000528.jpgand serve! And I was like hey I’m going to start walking. I can do this! The need to serve has been calling me a lot lately. I have so many opportunities just within my family! Let alone new neighbors.

Immediately a senior apt complex comes into my minds eye. There is one less than a block from me. I know a lot of older people are lonely. I could easily visit with them and serve them and I am more than sure that they could teach me a thing or two. :). Anyway just some things heavy on my soul tonight.

God bless ~*<3*~


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