Just a quick post

20130407-222320.jpgI did it. I took the plunge and joined a church. My choice and one I am so looking forward too. I am excited about life and this church fulfills my thirst to learn about God! I am serving in children’s ministry ( I get to play and love on 1 year olds who doesn’t love to play!?!) I Love it! I’m also thinking of other serving opportunities as well.

I just feel good about this. I remember the first time I saw a billboard for their church. It was Jesus’ hand with a nail in it from being hung on the cross. I don’t remember the words at the moment. But the feeling that Jesus LOVES everyone no matter how many tattoos or piercings you have he loves you. And you know what? He does love me!!!

One of the pastors showed a clip from a national geographic show and man I’m telling you. I thought I was going to see something bad. It was a heard of water buffalo and lions. Yup. You guessed it the lions had a calf. But you know what. Something amazing happened. Instead of the water buffalo giving the calf up. They fought they pushed the lions back and reclaimed their calf and chased the lions away!!!!! How amazing. They all pulled together and stood up. I know as a single person I can help and I can give, and I can work. But I also know that in a “heard” or ” community” I can accomplish more and I am so looking forward to Serving God and spreading his word and Grown my Roots down and my branches up and out!!

Ok so I’ve written a book yet again. And now I’m off to bed. Have an amazing Monday and God. bless you All.


Amazing Things

presence of god I must say that I have been experiencing AMAZING things these past couple of months.  In making my decision to walk with God instead of on my own. I am much more at peace and am able to do things that I didn’t think was possible for me.  I was able to snap out of a state of withdrawals to help my child make it through pain of her own.

I am able to take a step back from things, and leave them with him and not worry. It’s so refreshing. I have meaningful conversations with my coworkers and am relating to them in a whole new way.  Much more patient.

I have experienced his hands in my life once again. It always amazes me when I do feel that.  Last night I went to a women’s enrichment at my church. I was so impressed with the feelings of acceptance and love in that room. God’s presence was felt at all times.  Even his nudges to make peace with someone at work that normally is negative towards me.  Mostly because of my job, and things that are out of my control.  I try super hard to keep negative people away from me, but in my line of work it’s not always easy.  Anyway I was shocked to see her there as she was me. Maybe its something that I need to work on with her and that’s why he put her there.  I’m not sure.  The stories of leaps of faith and a-ha moments were just amazing.  It always causes me to self reflect on my own a-ha moments and to continue to look for them in my life.  Truly listen to what God is showing, telling, or whispering to me.  I think that last part is always something to remember.  Sometimes its just a whisper. Not a huge sign but a tiny barely audible whisper.  We just have to be tuned into God and listen at all times, and trust that he will do what is needed with our lives.  Anyway I think I could probably write a book on the things that God has shown me or wanted me to see in my life. 🙂

Back to work!


Oh PS….Prayers work! My daughter ended up in the hospital again, I have so many wonderful friends and family and coworkers who have taken a few moments to think of her and her baby and pray for her.  She is going home today w/no procedure and the baby is great! The swelling in her kidney is better and there is no blockage on the right kidney – the left kidney looks much better and the stent that was placed two weeks ago is doing its job.   Thank YOU GOD for your blessings!