Jesus Walked

This weeks sermon opened my eyes to so many things that I “could” be doing. Jesus walked. He covered ground he got into the trenches and loved on some broken people.

Our Pastor gave us homework this week. Go on a prayer walk. Look around and see the broken and lonely

20130422-000528.jpgand serve! And I was like hey I’m going to start walking. I can do this! The need to serve has been calling me a lot lately. I have so many opportunities just within my family! Let alone new neighbors.

Immediately a senior apt complex comes into my minds eye. There is one less than a block from me. I know a lot of older people are lonely. I could easily visit with them and serve them and I am more than sure that they could teach me a thing or two. :). Anyway just some things heavy on my soul tonight.

God bless ~*<3*~


Just a quick post

20130407-222320.jpgI did it. I took the plunge and joined a church. My choice and one I am so looking forward too. I am excited about life and this church fulfills my thirst to learn about God! I am serving in children’s ministry ( I get to play and love on 1 year olds who doesn’t love to play!?!) I Love it! I’m also thinking of other serving opportunities as well.

I just feel good about this. I remember the first time I saw a billboard for their church. It was Jesus’ hand with a nail in it from being hung on the cross. I don’t remember the words at the moment. But the feeling that Jesus LOVES everyone no matter how many tattoos or piercings you have he loves you. And you know what? He does love me!!!

One of the pastors showed a clip from a national geographic show and man I’m telling you. I thought I was going to see something bad. It was a heard of water buffalo and lions. Yup. You guessed it the lions had a calf. But you know what. Something amazing happened. Instead of the water buffalo giving the calf up. They fought they pushed the lions back and reclaimed their calf and chased the lions away!!!!! How amazing. They all pulled together and stood up. I know as a single person I can help and I can give, and I can work. But I also know that in a “heard” or ” community” I can accomplish more and I am so looking forward to Serving God and spreading his word and Grown my Roots down and my branches up and out!!

Ok so I’ve written a book yet again. And now I’m off to bed. Have an amazing Monday and God. bless you All.

Dealing with Family

I recently (by recently I mean on Saturday) found out that my Dad (the Man who raised me and is my rock) had to have a medical procedure to correct the rhythm of his heart.  I prayed so Hard that God would be with him and guide the Doctors in fixing this issue.  He works miracles everyday. I am so very thankful for his Grace and Mercy.  My Dad is home resting with a great heartbeat as I am writing this.

My oldest daughter (18 & Pregnant with her 1st) sent me a text asking why she was not included in this information and that she had to find out on Facebook.  I prayed for God to guide me in how I responded to her.  I’ll be honest my first reaction was to just get upset and angry with her.  I was under pressure for Work (there was a miscommunication in scheduling for a room) and then the procedure with My Dad and now her getting angry and upset.  She has had a very complicated pregnancy and has already gone into Labor once.  I’m sure that my parents have a very good reason for not sharing this information with the whole family (our family is VERY big).

After taking a moment to step back and pray for guidance I answered her saying I was sorry that she found out on Facebook that her grandfather had to have a procedure. I asked her not to come to me with attitude and not to come to me being me, that I would no longer allow anyone to treat me that way. I also informed her that she now knows how it feels when her family has to read on Facebook about her being in labor and going to the hospital.  And that maybe she needs to evaluate the way she does things before getting upset with others.

I think as Christian’s and as Families we need to remember our loved ones before positing things on Facebook and making them public knowledge.  Communicate with your family and be with your family before running onto the technology front like Facebook, twitter, Instagram all of those public forums.  I think we tend to stop communicating face to face and depend on these technologies entirely too much.  I recently have taken a step back from all of them and am trying to live my life face to face.  My Walk with Christ has made such a difference in this area.  I no longer feel the need to reach out to people across the world for solace with I have God. I spend that time in his word instead of online. The time I do spend online I try very hard to spread his love and his word and share my story with others.  Anyway I see I have written a book LOL i was only meaning to get some things out of my head so I could continue with my work. 🙂

Have a Blessed day~ ~*<3*~


Thoughts on a failed Marriage

I watched a movie tonight that I have watched before. Towards the end of my marriage. Fireproof. If you are thinking of getting married or having a rough go at it. Watch this movie. It will show you what God can do in a marriage.

While watching this movie I have to wonder to myself. Did I really do everything I could do to save my Marriage? Now that I am reading Gods words I know part of the reason my marriage failed. Because he wasn’t at the center of it. If I had trusted God then the way I do now. Maybe I would still have a happy marriage. If I had just prayed for my husband instead of fight with him.

I know I can’t live my life in what ifs. And I won’t do that to myself. But there is that small voice saying I didn’t and maybe it could still be saved even after a year. And then I remember it all. The good the bad and the very very ugly. And I remember the last day in that house praying so hard that God would protect us. And my husband never woke up. Even though I was not very quiet. I was so scared. So afraid of the confrontation. Now I do not live In Fear or jump at the slightest sound or live my life on eggshells. Anyway. Just processing I guess.
Good night and God Bless ~*<3*~


I have to admit to judging someone. I apologized later but the words were already said both ways. This person isn’t someone I was close to but none the less I should not gotten as angry with her as I did. I was defending my oldest child and my claws came out. I controlled them for the most part but still I shouldn’t have even said anything. I guess. Sometimes it’s hard to step away from being that fierce parent and just Letting God handle things. What is sad is that even as I was defending her and I was trying to not attack not judge her I did and it felt wrong.
Funny how I am starting to recognize certain behaviors in myself. I am starting to catch them before I jump into action and I am also thinking before doing most things.
Anyway I just needed to vent and confess that. Have an amazing Sunday
~*<3*~ God Bless

Changes and Callings

As I am on my personal Journey with Jesus and God, I am often amazed at how things come about. One of my co-workers has always been a great inspiration to me. In changing my patterns reading the Word more and just walking the walk. I’ve noticed changes in myself and how I treat others and how I take what they say. 🙂 Its wonderful changes. We were talking about Callings and where I was at in my job etc. Also the thought of one person changing the world.

While we were discussing callings and Jobs I mentioned how Satisfying my job is to me. I have always felt this overwhelming need to help others. However As I have gotten older its not the same way as I feel the need to. My need, desire, want, calling, is to help people in pain. WIth compassion, Jesus, The Word, and LOVE. I’ve felt this need more and more. To work with the children and people who have been abused and are extremely angry. I believe God is calling me to act on this need more as I am older and have unique opportunities to go back to school and change my career. A total shift in career. Now I am faced with which way to do this. I’d like to go to a Christian College preferably online to work around my current Job. With the tilt to the Christian side because I feel that is the biggest answer to overcoming Anger and Hurt.

Anyways My co-worker felt that I needed to share the satisfaction that I feel from helping others and how it fills me with happiness. I like knowing that I can help others and make them feel better about themselves.

Answered Prayers

Lately I have been asking (mostly on Facebook) for my friends and family to pray for my DD#1.  She is a type one diabetic and 25 weeks pregnant.  She has been in the hospital 3 x with kidney problems.  This time for almost 2 weeks and she has been in 2 different hospitals.  This time they have figured out the problem and are finally treating it. The pain is going away! I just have to say a big thank you to any one who said a little prayer for her and her baby.  HE is perfect! His little heart is great and so is everything else.

I also have to say THANK YOU to God for answering all of our prayers and guiding the Dr.’s and helping them find the problem and the solution, and allowing her to have her own room and not have to share with the very loud neighbor 😉


Thank you



PS My Temptations – I have been able to keep the conversations clean w/the other person. Its not easy and IM afraid I have damaged anything that we might have possibly had.  I have very mixed feelings about, but I also know that I deserve to be loved, and treated with respect. Anyway just thought I would share.