Dealing with Family

I recently (by recently I mean on Saturday) found out that my Dad (the Man who raised me and is my rock) had to have a medical procedure to correct the rhythm of his heart.  I prayed so Hard that God would be with him and guide the Doctors in fixing this issue.  He works miracles everyday. I am so very thankful for his Grace and Mercy.  My Dad is home resting with a great heartbeat as I am writing this.

My oldest daughter (18 & Pregnant with her 1st) sent me a text asking why she was not included in this information and that she had to find out on Facebook.  I prayed for God to guide me in how I responded to her.  I’ll be honest my first reaction was to just get upset and angry with her.  I was under pressure for Work (there was a miscommunication in scheduling for a room) and then the procedure with My Dad and now her getting angry and upset.  She has had a very complicated pregnancy and has already gone into Labor once.  I’m sure that my parents have a very good reason for not sharing this information with the whole family (our family is VERY big).

After taking a moment to step back and pray for guidance I answered her saying I was sorry that she found out on Facebook that her grandfather had to have a procedure. I asked her not to come to me with attitude and not to come to me being me, that I would no longer allow anyone to treat me that way. I also informed her that she now knows how it feels when her family has to read on Facebook about her being in labor and going to the hospital.  And that maybe she needs to evaluate the way she does things before getting upset with others.

I think as Christian’s and as Families we need to remember our loved ones before positing things on Facebook and making them public knowledge.  Communicate with your family and be with your family before running onto the technology front like Facebook, twitter, Instagram all of those public forums.  I think we tend to stop communicating face to face and depend on these technologies entirely too much.  I recently have taken a step back from all of them and am trying to live my life face to face.  My Walk with Christ has made such a difference in this area.  I no longer feel the need to reach out to people across the world for solace with I have God. I spend that time in his word instead of online. The time I do spend online I try very hard to spread his love and his word and share my story with others.  Anyway I see I have written a book LOL i was only meaning to get some things out of my head so I could continue with my work. 🙂

Have a Blessed day~ ~*<3*~