Just a quick post

20130407-222320.jpgI did it. I took the plunge and joined a church. My choice and one I am so looking forward too. I am excited about life and this church fulfills my thirst to learn about God! I am serving in children’s ministry ( I get to play and love on 1 year olds who doesn’t love to play!?!) I Love it! I’m also thinking of other serving opportunities as well.

I just feel good about this. I remember the first time I saw a billboard for their church. It was Jesus’ hand with a nail in it from being hung on the cross. I don’t remember the words at the moment. But the feeling that Jesus LOVES everyone no matter how many tattoos or piercings you have he loves you. And you know what? He does love me!!!

One of the pastors showed a clip from a national geographic show and man I’m telling you. I thought I was going to see something bad. It was a heard of water buffalo and lions. Yup. You guessed it the lions had a calf. But you know what. Something amazing happened. Instead of the water buffalo giving the calf up. They fought they pushed the lions back and reclaimed their calf and chased the lions away!!!!! How amazing. They all pulled together and stood up. I know as a single person I can help and I can give, and I can work. But I also know that in a “heard” or ” community” I can accomplish more and I am so looking forward to Serving God and spreading his word and Grown my Roots down and my branches up and out!!

Ok so I’ve written a book yet again. And now I’m off to bed. Have an amazing Monday and God. bless you All.


Changes and Callings

As I am on my personal Journey with Jesus and God, I am often amazed at how things come about. One of my co-workers has always been a great inspiration to me. In changing my patterns reading the Word more and just walking the walk. I’ve noticed changes in myself and how I treat others and how I take what they say. ūüôā Its wonderful changes. We were talking about Callings and where I was at in my job etc. Also the thought of one person changing the world.

While we were discussing callings and Jobs I mentioned how Satisfying my job is to me. I have always felt this overwhelming need to help others.¬†However As I have gotten older its not the same way as I feel the need to. My need, desire, want, calling, is to help people in pain. WIth compassion, Jesus, The Word, and LOVE. I’ve felt this need more and more. To work with the children and people who have been abused and are extremely angry. I believe God is calling me to act on this need more as I am older and have unique opportunities to go back to school and change my career. A total shift in career. Now I am faced with which way to do this. I’d like to go to a Christian College preferably online to work around my current Job. With the tilt to the Christian side because I feel that is the biggest answer to overcoming Anger and Hurt.

Anyways My co-worker felt that I needed to share the satisfaction that I feel from helping others and how it fills me with happiness. I like knowing that I can help others and make them feel better about themselves.

Answered Prayers

Lately I have been asking (mostly on Facebook) for my friends and family to pray for my DD#1.  She is a type one diabetic and 25 weeks pregnant.  She has been in the hospital 3 x with kidney problems.  This time for almost 2 weeks and she has been in 2 different hospitals.  This time they have figured out the problem and are finally treating it. The pain is going away! I just have to say a big thank you to any one who said a little prayer for her and her baby.  HE is perfect! His little heart is great and so is everything else.

I also have to say THANK YOU to God for answering all of our prayers and guiding the Dr.’s and helping them find the problem and the solution, and allowing her to have her own room and not have to share with the very loud neighbor ūüėČ


Thank you



PS My Temptations РI have been able to keep the conversations clean w/the other person. Its not easy and IM afraid I have damaged anything that we might have possibly had.  I have very mixed feelings about, but I also know that I deserve to be loved, and treated with respect. Anyway just thought I would share.

Proverbs 31


Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31 has been on my mind for a about a week now.  A Co-Worker shared a youtube video that really touched me.  It Just reached out and OMG Grabbed me right in the heart.  That woman said everything I was feeling.  What I had done in my past, how wrong it was, and why I ended up with what I did.  Now I know that I need to wait and that God will bring the right person to me when its time.  Or even not at all, but Jesus should be enough. I need to look at my faith and expand that. I am in such a wonderful place now.  ITs amazing a couple of months ago I was in bed not willing to get out. Crying continuously.  My heart broken and tossed aside.  Id also like to share the youbube video with everyone.


I also went to a class today to learn how to study the bible. ¬†It was so very informative, and¬†inspirational¬†. I will be starting 10 min at a time 3 x a day I think…not quite sure. I think I will look for a reading plan in Youversion.

~*<3*~  God Bless and Good Night ~*<3*~


Made it

This last week has been the hardest week of my life. ¬†I ran out of my meds. ¬†They keep me even and keep me human. ¬†I suffered from the WORST ¬†withdrawal¬†symptoms ever. Come to find out the Dr’s office made the blunder that made me suffer for 6 days. ¬†YIKES! ¬† BUT I will not ever let my meds get that low again.¬†I thought and felt as though I was crazy. ¬†Anyway I made it through that saw the light at the end of the tunnel and got a dreaded phone call. ¬†My Daughter (18, 20 wks pregnant, and Type 1 Diabetic) called and said that she was being admitted to the Hospital. ¬†She was having


severe pain in her back. ¬†I got there and let me tell you. ¬†As a mom you are NEVER prepared for walking in and seeing your child in pain. ¬†Your first instinct is to fix them. ¬†Then defend them. ¬†If someone doesn’t move fast enough for your comfort, you make me them¬†move. ¬†Its also what you do to keep them calm and Honestly I am amazed at my ability to keep her calm, and help her escape her pain. ¬†She is now prepared for labor LOL. ¬†Anyway after 8 hrs or more in the ER w/morphine (yikes yes I know I freaked out too, but come to find out its ok). We finally made it into a room, the pain¬†would¬†come in waves, but the Care was MUCH better on the floor than in the ER. ¬†I was sorely¬†disappointed¬†as a human to see how some of them treat¬†patients¬† with such detachment ¬†ūüė¶ its quite sad. ¬†So we got on the floor made it through some more bouts of pain. The Endocrinologist (a blood specialist) came and looked at her numbers and made a few decisions¬†regarding¬†her blood sugars.

The next morning her OB came in. ¬†Very nice man, and made some decisions etc as well as said it was more than likely a kidney stone. ¬†Hopefully it will pass. ¬†Then he changed his mind and had a Urologist come in. ¬†Thank GOD! ¬†I have to take a step back and say one thing. God has his hands all over this mess. ¬†I had so many friends, my boss, my co-workers and everyone I knew on FB praying for these two babies. ¬†Looking back I see his hand at work. ¬†Calling the OB back into the room to make a decision that I believe saved my¬†grandchild’s¬†life. ¬† The Urologist took one look and said, this is the¬†procedure¬†you need done. ¬†its called a stint, we will put it in through your urethra and connect your bladder to your kidney to relieve the pressure. In his opinion the stone would not pass due to how long she was in pain, and the fact that it was not moving. ¬†they did a spinal¬†anesthetic¬†and that¬†would¬†be safest for the baby. ¬† They both did well.

We did have some contractions later in the evening. However we all agreed it was due to the swelling in her bladder and that general area. ¬†they looked for the baby’s heartbeat and it was strong and great. Peanut was moving like a champion. ¬†The next day was rough, but no where NEAR what the first day was. ¬†I am amazed at how clear God made my mind so that I could be a clam,¬†collective¬†good strong mother. ¬†I took my meds that night and woke up feeling human the next day.


Thank you Lord for blessing my life with amazing family and Friends. ¬†Thank you for guiding the Dr’s mind and hands to make the right decisions for my daughter and my¬†grand baby. ¬†Thank you for guiding the Wonderful caring nursing staff at the hospital. ¬†Thank you for giving the¬†straight, clarity, and knowledge of what to do and what was needed. ¬†~Amen